For Students, Adults & Students

For Students

Student coaching is an additional option for students, parents and teachers.

Being a student coach I help students from the age of ten to solve their own problems and view crises from other perspectives in order to find new solutions and goals.

Student coaching helps to

  • learn the right way (determination of learning style, learning rhythm, study techniques, time management, exam preparations)
  • strengthen self-esteem
  • cope with exam anxieties
  • motivate to learn successfully and define goals (where am I and where do I want to go ?)
  • relieve frustration resulting from learning deficit or relieve frustration resulting from learning challenges
  • settle disagreements between students and parents

Student coaching

  • has a neutral function and acts emotionfree
  • listens to children and teenagers
  • helps parents if they don’t know how to relate with their children and need help from outside
  • offers motivation and concentration workshops for children and teenagers
  • is temporary (in general 3 – 6 sessions)

For Adults & Students

Learncoaching helps to :

  • To learn the right way to be efficient and successful
  • To achieve structure, organization and time management
  • To cope with pressure to perform and exam anxieties
  • Positive and convincing appearance to give a presentation (body language and charism)
  • Personal Coaching